Wine accessories of fine quality

When it comes to wine, the last thing you want to forget is the accessories. You can have the tastiest and best aged wine in the world, but it won’t matter, if you can’t open it. You can’t just buy any corkscrew and foil cutter, however: the accessories are as much part of the general look as the wine brand, and you can’t truly impress your guests with your taste and sense of style, if you have cheap tools. Luckily, there is an easy way to find, not only timeless and exquisitely designed wine accessories, but a large collection to choose from. This way, you can be sure that there is something for any taste, and something that fits into any home. You just need to take a quick look around to find the ideal object.

More than just a tool

One often thinks of corkscrews as purely functional tools, without much variation. But they are so much more than that. Sure, it is important that they pull out any cork easily, but the designs are wildly different. Many like the classic corkscrews, with a simplistic design, such as L’Atelier’s

‘Golden Boy’, or BOJ’s ‘Waiter’s Friend’

Others prefer the more innovative tools, where the focus is on making the use of the tool as easy as possible. This is good news for wine lovers with weak wrists, or who just can’t get the hang of using the regular screws. With a butterfly corkscrew, you have two handles to turn, and with others, it is just a question of placing the bottle, and then pulling a lever. Some of these can be mounted on the wall. Other than making the opening easier than ever, you can fascinate any guest that comes to visit, and they will immediately know what a great taste you have in beverages.

It is not just corkscrews that are offered as accessories to wine: there are also foil cutters. This might seem unneeded, and maybe even overly bourgeoise, as anyone can open the foil with a simple kitchen knife. But the cuts made by knives are never clean, whereas a foil cutter always cuts in a straight line. This adds something to the overall impression, when you serve the wine. More importantly, it makes it easier to pour the wine, as it is difficult to avoid spilling with a ragged foil-line. As with the corkscrews, there are several different foil cutters available.

Something perfect for you

This is only a small taste of all the innovative and elegantly designed tools available for the cultured wine drinker. We haven’t even touched on the champagne sabers, or the port tongs! Nevertheless, you might have gotten an idea about the great variety in wine accessories and have begun thinking of what the ideal tool is to you. Is it be something classic, with a wooden handle? Or new and chrome-y? All that depends on is your taste, and what you want for yourself. See for yourself at and remember: it should be fun to serve wine.

Homeware every house needs

There are many different items a house-hold needs. From materials that every bathroom uses, to kitchen ware that is a must have throughout your cooking needs, and then we have your bedroom belongings. When searching for those items you should check every room in your house. Writing out what you need would really help the situation. What should you buy for your house you ask yourself? I’m going to give you a short list of must haves everyone should have for their bathroom.

As we say in Glasgow: “Cheers everyone”

What homeware is needed in your home

It is mandatory that you make a check list of what you need in your house. When you first move into a house there’s a bunch of things that you need. What most people do is start of on the one room they really need to get stuff for first. Majority of people start with their bed room or bathroom. You should start of with all of the cheap home ware first, it’ll really help. Or you can start off with the big products to get it out of the way. It’s your choice! Continue reading “Homeware every house needs”